Polished Ruby Programming

In late 2020, I started writing a book for Packt on programming in Ruby. The book, Polished Ruby Programming, was released in July 2021. The book contains my thoughts and recommendations for Ruby programming after over 15 years of experience writing Ruby programs and libraries, and more recently, adding features to and fixing bugs in Ruby itself. It is quite different from most other Ruby programming books as it focuses on alternative ways to implement Ruby programs and libraries, the tradeoffs between the approaches, and how to choose the appropriate tradeoff for your program or library. The book is available on Amazon. The book is also available directly from the publisher, Packt, where the ebook version is sometimes available for as low as $5. I hope you enjoy the book.


I was surprised and happy with the reception of the book. Many respected Ruby programmers had good things to say about it. Here are links to many of the reviews. If you know of additional reviews, please let me know.


There are multiple reviews of Polished Ruby Programming on Amazon, including some from well known Rubyists:

Luke Stutters

Luke Stutters, one of the hosts of the Ruby Rogues podcast, has written a very entertaining review of Polished Ruby Programming.

Juanito Fatas

Juanito Fatas has written a review of Polished Ruby Programming.

Brandon Weaver

Brandon has started a detailed chapter by chapter review of Polished Ruby Programming: